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Master Coach Dick Caine showing photos of his 11 World and Olympic champions

Swimmers Thrive on Spartan Regimen

Old newspaper article on Dick Caine's spartan training regimen

Well here is an oldie for you! I did not remember how tough and brave my kids were and how mean I was!! Imagine what they could have done if they had facilities and an educated coach!! Next time your kids have a whinge, give them gym on the toilet floor or 6 mile sessions,16 degree water, blood and guts and an unforgiving but loving coach!!!

  Dick Caine - coach of 17 World & Olympic Champions

Well know and respected in the community, coach Dick Caine has been coaching and teaching families, producing Olympic and World Champions for over 45 years. He has a wealth of experience to pass on to you and your family.

Dick has been recognized by John Howard, the former Australian Prime Minister, several Civic Councils, a number of Board of Directors and literally tens of thousands of individual boys and girls who are now mum’s and dad’s, with a second generation of people learning how to swim or stay fit.

Tens of thousands of young Australian boys and girls have trained with Dick at Carss Park Pool & Gyms for various sports, and some have gone on to National and International superstar status.

Check out Dicks Image Gallery and Tributes pages on this website to see just exactly how many elite athletes have been coached by Dick.

Tribute to Jenny Caine (The real boss at Carss Park Pool)

Jenny and Dick Caine

To my lovely wife Jenny: thank you for all your support, dedication and hard work in helping to run the pool and gym for many years.

David O'Brien with his Trophy and certificate

Hall of Fame Induction for World Champion David O'Brien

International hall of fame induction award ceremony 2017 Windsor UK

Nice work David and nice work Dick Caine! (Team Caine Carss Park.)

Selina Gilsenen and Phill Kearns

Two great Australian Champions

Two great Australian Champions Wallaby captain Philip Kearns and Selina Gilsenan, Australian Diamonds and hall of fame Swifts. Team Caine Carss Park

Selina Gilesenen in action with Sydney Swifts


Coach Dick Caine was delighted to receive this tribute from one of his former junior Team Caine Squad members.

Charity Dinner with Dick assisted by World Champions Jeff Fenech and Suzie Maroney

Fundraiser for St George Hospital Cancer Care

Olympic Triple world Champ Janelle Pallister with Jeff Fenech, Channel Queen Susie Maroney with coach Dick Caine.

Raising ofer a million dollars for st George hospital cancer care

14 Feb 2017