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New Team Caine Triathlon Training Sessions

Dick Caine with his ANZAC DAY sign

Train with the champions.

Team Caine has a proven track record of producing World & Olympic class Triathlon champions. We have also produced many other world top 10 champions – just check the Tributes page on this website

Coach Dick Caine is delighed to announce the start of a new series of training sessions to assist triathletes improve their swimming and overall fitness for competition



Our classes are tailored to suit everyone - from the novice to the elite competitor.

For more information download our flyer

Dick & Jenny Caine - Guest Starters at Cronulla Shark Island Swim - 4 Feb 2018

Shark Island Swim Race start showing Cronulla beach

Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club are delighted to have Dick and Jenny Caine as guest starters at this years Payce Cronulla Shark Island Swim 4 February 2018.

This event is now a premier event in the Sutherland Shire and the major fund-raising event for the Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club - New South Wales premier surf lifesaving club.

Cronulla Shark island Swim Challenge 2.3km commences at 10.30am..

Dawn Fraser - the greatest swimmer of all time

Dick Caine with Dawn Fraser and other promising junior swimmers

The greatest swimmer of all time and true blue, fair dinkum, no bullshit, Aussie Dawn Fraser with Dick Caine and some of his best swimmers.

Posted 25 January 2018

Newspaper article of Susie Maroney breaking English Channel swim record and Susie giving a speech as Australia Day Ambassador

Susie Maroney and Australia Day.

Carss Park St George Champion, Susie Maroney, chosen as Australia Day ambassador. Susie has done both St George and Australia proud. The lady with her is Susie's mum Pauline who really deserves all the credit!

This is not just about a great Aussie kid but to all Australians no matter colour religion politics and to those who wish to change the date and name stick your head up your arse

Dick Caine

Posted 25 January 2018

Talia Field article in the Leader Newspaper

Talia follows Suzie's wake

Well Talia it's kids like you and other St George district kids that put the so called Georges River on the map and do us all proud! Our local Georges River councillors must be so proud

Posted 25 January

Friday Surf Training with Team Caine

Dick Caine getting ready to take his squad of young champions through their Friday morning surf training
Team Caine junors getting ready for surf swim training Team Caine junors getting ready for surf swim training

A big thank you from Bathurst Swim Club

Bathurst swim team training at Wanda beach with Dick Caine

A big thank you to Team Caine, Dick Caine and Jenny Caine for an awesome week of training and a fantastic opportunity for our kids from Bathurst Swim Club!

All of the families were so welcoming and Dick certainly had all of the kids on their toes. We finished the week with a beach training session.

The early mornings have been all worth it. The kids have had s blast and I even managed a couple of ocean swims!

Bathurst Swim Club welcome any of the Team Caine swimmers to enter our LC carnival on the 21 January!!

Mums & Dads - get your kids into a sport or Surf Club

4 image collage of children involved in swim and surf lifesaving sports
Mummies and Daddies get your kid in a sport or surf club, its cheaper than dope!!! And to those parents who think its all about medals, well you are wrong - it's about mateship, fitness, discipline and so much more!!!

Congratulations to Team Caine Junior State Champions

Team Caine Juniors winning medals at State Championships

Xmas came early for 3 Team Caine members who all medalled at the recent NSW State Championships. Talia Field won gold. Kia Taylor won 2 silver and 2 gold. Adam Tehfe won Silver and Bronze!

Well done and congratulations from Dick.

Posted 24 December 2017

Dick Caine Tribute Night Dinner showing over 300 guests

What a great honour

It's been quite a few months now since my Tribute Night dinner and I am still honoured and humbled that 300 came to my special night.

Dick Caine

Posted 27 December 2017

Swimmers Thrive on Spartan Regimen

Old newspaper article on Dick Caine's spartan training regimen

Well here is an oldie for you! I did not remember how tough and brave my kids were and how mean I was!! Imagine what they could have done if they had facilities and an educated coach!! Next time your kids have a whinge, give them gym on the toilet floor or 6 mile sessions,16 degree water, blood and guts and an unforgiving but loving coach!!!

Team Caine Christmas Party - LT's Restaurant

Team Caine Christmas party collage of 4 photos
Jut a few photos of the guests who attended the Team Caine Christmas Party at Lance Thompson's restaurant at Woolooware Golf Club on the 12 December 2017. Approximately 80 people joined in the celebrations. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and a good time had by all. Many thanks to Jenny & Dianne for organising a great party and lead in to the festive season.

Team Caine National Surf Champions

collage of national surf champions
Dicks stables have produced 35 National and World Champion - all strong at heart! Here is just a small sample of Australian National Surf Champions coached by Dick Caine. More to come later.

Richard Ford (top left)

Richard Ford was another junior beginning with me at about 7 years of age at Sans Souci. Richard went on to be one of Australia's greatest surfers and Hall of Famers. Richard made the greatest come back after suffering an horrific car accident and beating one of the best teams ever: Allum and the Mercers - the best of the best

Jane Savage Bouffler (top right)

Jane Savage Bouffler winning the national Surf championships at Wanda and showing our younger girls how to fight to finish and to win. A big big race here showing Jane holding her National national gold medal! Yes, Dick Caine hand not only had the best performing ladies but also the loveliest

Stacey Gartrell (bottom left)

National Surf Champion and Olympic 800m medallist.

Brett Dutton (bottom right)

Brett Dutton. National Surf Champion. How the hell did a bike rider who spent all his life hiding from me in the toilets with Wallaby Phil Kearns ever win a national Surf champion and also win medals at the Olympic Games.? Got Me beat!

10 November 2017

Community Tribute Night for Dick & Jenny Caine (Article courtesy of The St. George Leader)

More than 300 guests enjoyed the appreciation dinner held to honour St George and Sutherland Shire coaching legend Dick Caine and his wife, Jenny, last month.

The dinner was a thank you to Caine for a lifetime dedicated to coaching as well as his and Jenny’s tireless fundraising.

As well as teaching everyday people how to swim or helping them improve their fitness in the gym, Caine also coached 17 world and Olympic champions.

A large number of elite athletes from Caine’s stable, including world boxing champion Jeff Fenech, distance swimmer Susie Maroney, triathlete Michael Maroney, St George’s own ‘Mr Cycling’ Phill Bates, cycling legend Gary Sutton, cycling Olympian Brett Dutton and brother, Australian Open Surf champion, Stuart and a host of others were at Club Central Hurstville for the event.

Olympic swimmer Janelle Pallister, nee Elford, wrote in a letter to the Caine’s that Dick had showed her what she was capable of.

“Dick showed what it took to become a champion. He showed dedication, enthusiasm, leadership, how to work hard, how to push yourself beyond belief. How to make the unachievable become the achievable. He taught me so much about life.”

Wallaby legend Phil Kearns was the MC for the event, interviewing many sporting greats who shared their stories and tributes. There was also a video message from talkback presenter Alan Jones.

Caine helped raise $1.7 million to buy a new radiology machine for St George Hospital and has also been actively involved in fundraising for breast cancer research. He also organised a memorial plaque to the victims of the Bali tragedy with the Bali Remembrance Day of Champions Fundraiser in December, 2002.

Caine felt that the opportunity presented to him when he took on the lease to the Carss Park swimming pool was life-changing and said that from the day he walked into the pool in 1965 he knew exactly what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He employed and mentored young people going through the juvenile justice system and supported them when they were required to attend court. Caine applied a tough love approach, offering free membership in exchange for their honesty and respect.

Despite the fact so many people were in attendance to express their gratitude for his efforts, Caine said he was paying back the area for the way they had looked after him.

“I owe this area and the [Georges River] Council and the people of the area so much, as up until that point (taking on Carss Park Pool lease) my life was only going one way,” he said.

Georges River Council’s general manager Gail Connolly said Caine was a much-loved local icon. “He has been an invaluable ambassador for the Kogarah community and we look forward to his continued contributions in the years ahead.”

Posted 23 Sept2017

Dick Caine praised in Parliament for teaching generations to swim (courtesy of St George Leader)

Oatley MP Mark Coure has paid tribute in State Parliament to “a sporting legend”, Dick Caine, whose lease on Carss Park Olympic Pool will end in June. “On behalf of the St George community, I thank Dick and his family for all they have contributed to the sport of swimming,” Mr Coure said.

Caine will remain as head coach at the pool but Georges River Council will take over management from July 1.

Mr Coure told Parliament, “As a youngster I, too, learned to swim at the Caine pooll”. Unfortunately, no amount of training was going to turn me into an Olympian, but I learnt how to swim and it is still something I enjoy doing today with my son,” he said.

Mr Coure said Caine’s name was “synonymous with swimming in the St George area and Team Caine is a familiar sight at Carss Park pool”. “Generations of young people have been taught to swim by Dick and his wife Jenny,” he said. “For more than 45 years, Dick, Jenny and their dedicated teaching staff have instructed and trained local swimmers in a competitive and fun environment.

“Dick's expertise and relentless passion for the sport of swimming has produced and developed a number of Olympians and world record holders, including Michelle Ford, Janelle Elford, Karen Phillips, Stacey Gartrell and, of course, Michellie Jones.”

Mr Coure said Caine’s priority had always been to deliver learn-to-swim and recreational opportunities to school children and seniors in the community. “The fact that Dick has trained Olympic, world and Australian champions is a credit to him but it in no way diminishes the importance of teaching children to swim and an awareness and understanding of water safety,” he said.

“Throughout his 45-year career, Dick has taught thousands of children, from babies to teenagers, to swim. “As Australians we know how important it is to be able to swim well and be water smart. “Dick has played an important role in shaping and delivering this message. “Children are alive to and aware of the dangers of being in and around water because they have participated in Dick's swimming lessons.

“As a community we are grateful to Dick and the Caine swimming team, who have worked tirelessly to promote the importance of learning to swim.”

Mr Coure quoted Caine’s comment in a Leader report: “Forget the champions, it's the thousands of kids I have coached who have made it so special. I love the kids, and I hope they think I am more than just a coach. We are like family.”

Posted 4 May 2017

Team Caine at front of Pool with ANZAC DAY sign


See at Carss Park War Memorial Pool and Gym we are all the same Aussies - no religion, no politics and colour blind just like Dick.

Posted 26 April 2017

Dick Caine with his ANZAC DAY sign

Great Performances by Ethan Payne.

Ethan Payne, PSSA Zone Senior Age Champion, State Surf Title. Silver in under 12 Cameron relay. Well done team Caine!!!

Suzanne Bueno Thats brilliant, CONGRATS Ethan always knew he had it in him, and having a great coach well say no more!

Jenny Caine Super effort Ethan

Posted 16th March 2017

Dick Caine with his ANZAC DAY sign

Great job Talia and Jay

Talia Field. SS.CCC 13 yrs Age Champion.

Jay Grech 1st 200 medley.

When the going get tough, the tough get going. GO TEAM CAINE!!!

Margaret Edwards Well done to all of you, it just proves that hard work does pay off

Posted 16th March 2017

Selina Gilsenen's Netball Australian Champion

Selina Gilsenan's Tribute to her former coach dick caine

Hi Dick, long time no see. So excited when I saw the post on Mateo's (a friend's son) achievement and realised I could make contact with you. I heard through Ken and Tima that you haven't been well and I would love to visit you, as I'm sure this is a tough time for you and your family.

I'm living in New Zealand, with my husband and 4 boys, but I try to come back most holidays to visit family and friends. If you are happy for me to come visit, I'll contact you next time I'm in Sydney.

Before I go, I wanted to let you know what a strong influence you had in my life. My memories of early mornings, a cold pool, tears in my goggles, discipline and tough love should be something I'd want to forget, but I have benefited from every aspect of the time I spent training under you. You gave me the strength I needed, both physically and mentally, to deal with the highs and lows of life. I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me and hope I can see you soon to tell you in person. Lots of love fromSelina Gilsenan. x

Dick Caine's Reply One of Dicks Caines special ladies. Sweat, sacrifice, success Selena did it all. She also represented Her country but still had the class to care about her old coach. For the record, Selina played with the Australian Diamonds on 24 occassions, winning gold in 2007. She earned 121 caps with the Sydney Swifts, winning 4 championships and in 2008 was NSW Swifts Vice Captain.

Posted 2nd March 2017